Monday, August 31, 2009

Rainy days

Over the past three full days I have been here in Singapore, it has been raining every afternoon. How timely! What was suppose to be the hottest time of the day turned into the most windy and cooling time of the day. Add on the tick-tack sound of rain droplets falling onto the ground. It is the perfect recipe for.... AN AFTERNOON SIESTA.

The rain would leave the night pleasantly cool, especially yesterday, when my family and I walked to the nearby German restaurant to have my mom's one-day-belated birthday celebration. (My mom is exactly 6 years and 354 days older than Malaysia. Hehehe.. I just blurted out my mom's age to the whole wide world!)

I am possibly spending my very last few days with my whole immediate family, for the year or so. It is pretty saddening to think that when I return, my nephews may all look very different? act very differently? One may not even recognise who I am. That would be Samuel, the youngest one. The poor boy had to go to the hospital yesterday because he had difficulty breathing. My mom stated that it was her first time hearing a baby cry that way. It was pretty terrifying. In the end, the doctor said he was infected with a viral infection in his voice box. Nothing big, thankfully. He sounds fine and dandy today, albeit the crying.

Lately, I constantly fall into this daydreaming mode, contemplating how different my life will be once I am in UK. (Assuming I have no sudden accident here and the visa application goes through without a hitch) How will my life there be? I really wonder. There would be the BIG THREE, which are the three things that I plan to prioritise on. 1. Studies (duh!) 2. ULTIMATE!!! 3. Part-time job.

Oh, I am also imagining how "poor" I will be there. I read an article in the newspapers recently about the author's years in Toronto as a student doctor. Let me summarise for you all the important points.
1. Her meals 7 days a week is ONE chicken leg, which she roasts weekly (all seven together) on Sunday, while doing some house chores. (She skips breakfast and lunch)
2. She wakes up at 5am. She finishes at 9pm.
3. Even though she skips breakfast and lunch (sial), she goes to the gym and swims 2km every morning.
OMG. Well, that was back in 1992. She is now a very successful (probably) neurosurgeon. If I am not mistaken, she ran off (elope?) with either an Indian or Black man, later divorced. Wow. Maybe she needed some excitement in her highly routine life? How do I know all that? Well, she happens to be Singapore's senior mentor's daughter=) Wah hao. Don't want to mention names here.

Rainy days are perfect for sleeping and daydreaming=) (Wait, this sounds wrong. I do not daydream about eloping off with either an Indian or Black man. WeirdXD)

P/S: I downloaded on Picasa the photos from the Port Dickson trip. Those who want it, go ahead and take it=) The link to Picasa is above.