Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Horror that is DOTA

Imagine a rectangular table cramped with eight laptops on it, two on each sides and people staring straight onto the screen. Imagine the frequent cursing with these words "fuck you", "shit" and many other unmentionables. Oh, and once-in-awhile screams. All this happening while there is nothing to be seen outside in the pitch darkness. Now, imagine this situation on a round table, on a square table. Somehow, I have been through them all these past few days.

It all started last Thursday when everyone declared "holiday". Out came the computers into one of our kitchens. I only got to play on the last day as
1. Mine's a Mac.
2. I did not believe that DOTA could bring such fun into a person's life.
3. I kinda had better things to do (finishing my seminar work for the next day. In the end, I went to class without any sleep!)

Well, the initial hostility was quelled two nights ago(third round so far). It was sort of the final round before everyone left (i.e. Paul and Ka Chuan flying back home. One happy, the other not soXD). And my god, even though I just got pushed around (when there was something bad happening in the middle, Rui Zhe will say "Sam, don't come here.". And the constant running away. And the constant panic attacks throughout the whole game.) Roar.. Feels like two nights ago even just by thinking about it.

The horror that is DOTA. Yet, you still want to play it so so much. Roar. Can't help it. Tsk tsk Sam.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Commences NOW

Even though life has been quite a holiday ever since being here, having endless weekday nights chatting, touring around to different places (i.e. Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester so far), nothing is quite like an official holiday! Nothing feels better than having fun guilt-free, without work to dampen the fun-filled mood.

The holiday is going to be a month long until the end of the first week of January next year - 2010! So, that is four weeks of absolute bliss is this new place!

For the first week, I will be in Warwick, hopefully having lots of fun with the people here who are not going back to KL (lucky peeps!). This weekend is going to be very interesting. Yeah~

From next Friday (18/12) to probably the first Monday of January (4/1) (although I already have a return ticket on 8th), I will be in London. So anyone there interested to catch up, give me a buzz or leave a message here and I will get back to you. Anyone back in Malaysia interested to come to UK for a short holiday?XD

If anyone is wondering why I am up at 4.40am typing this, it is because I am not sitting in a friend's kitchen with another 6 of us. They are currently playing DOTA! Hahaha. My com is being the router here and I am reading up for a seminar at 11am tomorrow. I really do hope I even manage to wake up for it. This DOTA thing have been running for two nights ever since all of us announced MERDEKA. We are such fun-holics. OK, I am high.